About Us

After 20 years we are still Security Airport Parking, still located 1 block west of the airport entrance at 4405 E. Roosevelt Rd., we’re now doing business as Expressway Airport Parking. We still secure our lot with 24 hr. surveillance for your safety and the protection of your car, we still provide courtesy emergency car care for dead batteries, or flat tires but we wanted to convey an equally important fact about our service, we are the Express-Way to park your car for travel out of the Little Rock airport.
We still provide garanteed wheel chairlift service on our bus with 24 hour notice. Our service based on “On Demand” pick up from your car at our secure facility to the airport terminal curb with a complimentary copy of the Democrat Gazette, assures you that as soon as you park, a bus is dispatched immediately to your parking space and takes you directly to the airport!