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Standard Daily Rates

Expressway Airport Parking Rates

  • Uncovered parking - $7.95 per day + tax***
  • Covered parking - $10.95 per day + tax***
On Demand Shuttle from car to curb, No walking, Secure access, 24hr. operations.

 5th Day Free  

           (Reservation only, Not available to Rewards Member transactions)

Just click the round "Click To Reserve Parking" button on this website and you will automatically receive the 5th day free for any transaction that is at least (5) 24 hour days. A second day is free after 10 days.

  • Covered parking – $10.95 per day – 5th day free*!
  • Uncovered parking – $7.95 per day – 5th day free*! 
  • Your transaction must be at least 4 days and 8 hours to get the 5th day free

( 5th Day Free or Long Term Rate cannot be combined with other discounts )


 $4.95 per day for 15 Days or More

             (Reservation only, Not available to Rewards Members transactions)

Once again just click the round "Click To Reserve Parking" button on this website, if your transaction is 15, 24 hour days long or more. The daily rate for the entire transaction automatically converts to the following rates:

  • Covered parking $7.95** per day.   
  • Uncovered $4.95** per day.
  • All days are calculated in 24 hour days
(Please be advised, if you book a reservation for the Special Long Term rate for 15 days or more and return in less than 15, 24 hour days our system will recalculate your transaction at $7.95 for uncovered or $10.95 for covered per day with the 5th day free.)

Hourly Rates:  

  • The first 59 minutes are Free on all transactions.  
  • Covered is $1.50 per hour until the daily rate is reached.
  • Uncovered is $1.00 per hour until the daily rate is reached.

Oversized vehicles or vehicles with trailers

If you have a vehicle that is longer than 15 foot or if you have a trailer, you will be charged an oversized rate of $9.95 per day and $5.95 per day for transactions over 15 days when reserved on the website. The oversized rate can qualify for the 5th day free if a reservation is made through the website.

* 5th day Free is only available on transactions booked thru this website and can’t be combined with other discounts.

** The Extended long term rate is a 15 day minimum and is only available when booked thru this website, this rate cannot be combined with Rewards transactions or any other discounts.


*** 15.5%Taxes not included in daily rate. Taxes are itemized as following;

  • Sales tax 9%
  • Local tax
    • Airport tax 1.5%
    • County property school tax 5%




Open 24 hours

Expressway Airport Parking Office (501) 375-3722