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Expressway Airport Parking Suggests 5 wine Country Regions with Direct Service from LIT for a Valentine’s Wine Country Weekend Getaways



  • Park faster from your car to airport curb 5 minutes or less!

  • $2 less per day on covered and uncovered parking!

  • 24-hour service and surveillance, You’re never alone!

  • Emergency car care service for dead batteries and flat tires!

  • 5th day free when you book your parking on our website!




Figure 1 Make your reservation and get the 5th day free and choose your vehicle service!


Valentine’s day is only 2 weeks away! If you’re thinking of flying out for a long weekend, do yourself and your valentine a favor by saving time and money when you park at Expressway Airport Parking.


Expressway Airport Parking suggests 5 wine country regions with direct service from LIT for a Valentine’s wine country weekend getaways;

Virginia's Wine Country

Catch the direct flight from LIT to DCA (Washington DC) and then drive a short hour south in the area around Charlottesville, Virginia, there are countless gorgeous wineries where you two can tour, explore, and sip to your hearts’ content. Get a room at the Clifton Inn (just down the road from Monticello) and book a ride to the wineries on your list. To start your tour, consider stopping by Blenheim Vineyards or Moss Vineyards. Enjoy the slow sipping and rolling hills—Virginia has them in abundance.

Texas’s Wine Country

Catch a direct to Dallas and drive south to any number of wineries in from Dallas south to the Hill Country. While it might not be the first place you think of for high-quality wine, Texas is home to an array of award-winning wineries that consistently rank high in the United States. Peppered throughout the beautiful Texas Hill Country, it’s here that wine lovers will find a perfect combination of wine grape-growing regions and picturesque landscapes. An excellent destination for both first-time visitors and expert enthusiasts, explore the lush vineyards, learn about their winemaking process, and when you work up a thirst, pair a stunning sunset view with a glass of fine Texas wine. Serving as an inspiration for your next wine adventure, read on to discover the best wineries to visit in Texas. See what Texas has to offer here; http://texaswinetrail.com/wineries

Colorado and the Denver area

Catch a direct flight into DEN (Denver CO), Great wine has always been about spirit and place, and in our warm valleys and plateaus, watered by mountain runoff, are some of the best vineyards between the West Coast and the Mississippi River. Colorado boasts over 300 days of sunshine every year and refreshing mountain breezes to keep the nights cool and invigorating. Coupled with our persistently low humidity, nature brings beauty, taste and adventure together into the ideal conditions for growing world-class wine grapes that feature the complex character and chemistry required to craft award-winning wines. Colorado’s wines offer hints of the majestic mountains, bright sunshine, and brilliant blue sky that make Colorado such a beautiful state. See what Colorado has to offer here; http://coloradowine.com/ 

Northern Georgia

Multiple flight options to Atlanta make Northern Georgia a great destination for winery exploring. Our mountains combine the perfect terrain, soil, drainage, and elevation necessary for our vineyards to produce wines that reveal this “sense of place,” or terroir, which separates our wines from those made in other geographically diverse regions. Our soil composition is very much like that of Italy’s Piedmont region, which produces some of the most prestigious wines in the world. Come taste what happens when Georgia sunshine and mountain soils meet Viognier and Merlot grapes…we’re certain that you’ll be smiling, too. See what Northern Georgia has to offer here; http://www.georgiawine.com/georgia-wine-country-map

North Carolina

Little Rock’s direct to CLT (Charoltte NC) gives you great access to 3 distinct regions of the Tar Heel state. The western mountains, the Piedmont valley and the coastal plains. North Carolina is the home of America’s first grape, and it's the only place in the world where every major type of grape is grown. There’s nothing quite like tasting wine where it was made, and your options here are as varied as they are plentiful. Drink in the flavors of unique mountain settings at the winery at Biltmore or Calaboose Cellars, an old stone jailhouse. Stay in a treehouse overlooking the vineyards at Treehouse Vineyards near Charlotte, or pair your wine with a delicious meal at wineries across the state. You can even say "I do" at vineyards and wineries that double as wedding venues from the mountains to the coast. With more than 400 vineyards and 185 wineries here, you can map your way through our wine trails and savor every stop.


Expressway Airport Parking provides service from your car to the airport front door in 5 minutes or less from the time you enter our lot to the airport curb, no walking with luggage and no waiting on a shuttle, it’s On Demand service. Parking in the municipal airport lot is a guaranteed walk of over 100 yards because of a TSA requirement that parking can’t be closer than 500 feet to the terminal building and the natural layout of parking at Clinton National Airport doesn’t allow for it.

Expressway Parking offers the most secure parking with on demand shuttle from your car to the front curb, it’s like valet only your keys are safely in your possession while you travel. Our gates open 24 hours a day so you never worry about flight delays.

Where is the best airport parking space at the Little Rock airport? It’s any space on Expressway Airport Parking’s lot or 4 story parking deck, not the one at the airport that you choose after circling the lot for about 5 minutes and then have to carry your luggage for as far as 300 yards in all kinds of weather. Any spot at Expressway is the front row because the shuttle picks you up at your car and takes you straight to the front door! This is the most consistent option; we time our average transfer from your car to the airport front door at 5 minutes or less, without walking!

Consider this, if you use your Valentine’s car to park at the airport, you can show your love by having their car serviced while you travel! Come back to a freshly detailed car with the oil changed, tires rotated and the frustrating windshield chip repaired so they don’t have to do those things on their day off! Click on the carwash image above and make a reservation for the date and time you’re traveling and go ahead and select one of our many services, there is reserved parking either in the uncovered or covered parking immediately on your right upon entering the lot or deck. The shuttle driver will put a secure lock box on your car and you’re on your way to your romantic getaway!


Figure 2 Every shuttle can jump your car!


In business since 1986, Expressway Airport Parking has a 5 star Google Rating


Read any of our reviews, overwhelmingly our service provides a level of convenience and value that keeps people coming back! Expressway was the first parking service at the Clinton Little Rock National Airport to provide well-lit parking with secured access. In 1997 Expressway Parking was the first to build a 4-story covered parking deck to provide covered parking and now Expressway Parking is the first to offer a mobile app to make reservations and access your Expressway Rewards loyalty profile where you can earn points toward free parking and vehicle services.


Figure 3 Available for free in Apple and Android app stores, search "Expressway Airport Parking"

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