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Little Rock Airport Parking Tips at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

It’s Holiday travel time, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s travel upon us. Two facts surround this timeframe, first, it’s personal travel and personal budgets, second, it’s busy travel and spending a minute to map out your parking strategy makes this much more convenient and totally less frustrating!

Let’s talk personal budgets. With air travel the cost adds up not to mention the expense of the season. An Uber or Lyft ride from Central Arkansas is at least $60 round trip with a small car and over $100 for an XL ride.

Municipal airport parking starts at $8 per day for the remote uncovered parking, but this is the holiday travel time, by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving the remote municipal lot will be full! So the next pricing level is $10 per day for uncovered and actually could be a farther walk than the remote lot.

Municipal covered parking is $13 per day, municipal uncovered short - term parking is $13 and while it’s as much as municipal covered parking, all covered parking has the same problem from a convenience stand point. They all are bound by the 300 - foot rule.

The Little Rock municipal airport parking is bound by the 300-foot rule set by TSA since 911, no overnight parking allowed within 300 feet of the terminal building, that’s roughly 100 steps at the closest spot and could be as for as 900 steps from the top of the municipal airport parking deck or the farthest spot on the uncovered lots, rain, sleet, heat or snow.

Contrast these options with Expressway Airport Parking, Clinton Little Rock National airports only off-site airport parking option. Located at 4405 E. Roosevelt rd., Expressway is only a block west of the Clinton Little Rock National airport entrance.

As for convenience, you can choose either covered or uncovered parking and in the time, it takes you to enter either covered or uncovered parking, Expressway Parking time studies show that you are parked and exiting the lot on the On-Demand Shuttle to the airport front door in 5 minutes or less. On top of that fast response time you won’t have walked more than about 25 steps from your car to the shuttle and from the shuttle to the ticket counter, and if this is holiday travel your bound to have check in luggage.

Where can someone park at the airport with an electric or hybrid car? Only at Expressway Airport Parking, Expressway Parking offers 7 designated parking spaces on the first floor east side for continuous electric Level 1 charging for no additional charge while you’re travelling!


Important to also know, if your parking in the municipal lot ask yourself, “Can I expect the city operated lot to jump my car? Air up my tire? Give you assistance with luggage? Provide 24-hour surveillance over my car? Or, accompany you to your car at night?” City Hall has never been known for service!


Municipal parking doesn’t offer additional vehicle services while your out of town. Wouldn’t you like to get that oil change, brake job, windshield fixed or car detail while you don’t need your car? Holiday’s, Saturdays and days off are for relaxing and not waiting in a lobby somewhere for your tires to be rotated.

Understanding the difference in the convenience in parking at Expressway Airport Parking and the cost of municipal parking, how much does Expressway Airport Parking cost?

Expressway Airport Parking is $7.95 per day uncovered and $10.95 per day covered. Uncovered parking with On-Demand shuttle to the airport front door for a little less than municipal parking’s remote lot. Covered parking for only a little more than municipal parking’s main uncovered lot with potentially a hike over 100 yards!

But it’s the Holiday’s, and even at Expressway Airport Parking by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving the uncovered lot may fill up!

Expressway Airport Parking is the only option that allows you to guarantee a space and a rate in the busy Holiday periods. By going online to www.expresswayparking.com and clicking on “Click to Make a Reservation” you can reserve your space and rate.


Right now, for a limited number of covered parking spaces Expressway Airport Parking is offering “Covered Peanuts”, instead of $8 per day in Little Rock municipal airport parking, pay only .95 cents more and get covered parking and only 5 steps to walk! Expressway Airport Parking guarantees no peanut allergies, but you get the chocolate on top (covered protection for your car), so to speak.

How do you get this deal just go to www.expresswayparking.com and click on the “Click to Reserve” button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Choose your parking dates and enter promo code “coveredpeanuts”. This promotion can’t be combined with other coupons and only 100 spaces will be accepted the week of November 19th through 25th 2017 and the week of Christmas through New Year’s.


So, to recap, here are 4 tips for Holiday travel out of Bill and Hillary Little Rock National airport;

  • Park at Expressway for the shortest walk with luggage.
  • Park at Expressway for less money than the municipal lot or ride sharing.
  • Make a reservation at www.expresswayparking.com to lock in a rate in advance of the lot full sign going up!
  • And use the “coveredpeanuts” promo code for covered parking as cheap as remote municipal airport parking.

Here are some links to videos on how to use Expressway Airport Parking and to take advantage of vehicle services while you’re travelling.

Figure 1 Click on image to see How to use Expressway Parking


Figure 2 Click on image to see vehicle services available while you travel!

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