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Little Rock Air Port & Airport in Little Rock Expressway Parking Blog

Spring Break 2018, Frontier Airlines nonstop flight to the Rockies, 3 days of snow skiing and only 2 days of travel!

Spring Break 2018 is only 3 weeks away starting the weekend of March 17th, is anyone thinking of skiing Colorado? Great news we now have nonstop service from Little Rock National Airport (LIT) and Denver Stapleton airport (DEN) on Frontier Airlines (www.flyfrontier.com)  

How about $433.60 Roundtrip per person for a family of 4 leaving the 18th and returning the 22nd, booked as of today? Room for 3 full days of skiing and enjoying the Colorado Rockies! I know I’ve carried my family to Colorado on 3 occasions and if you drive from Arkansas it usually means 2 additional days of travel and 2 additional nights of hotel expense.

It’s the difference of a 2 hrs. 30 min Frontier flight airfare of $433, plus $348 for a standard SUV car rental (based on Expedia search) for a total of $781. Compared to 2 nights of hotel on the road to and from Little Rock, will run at least $200 plus $500 for fuel totaling up to $700. The value of 2 days of travel versus 4 has got to be worth whatever the difference may be!


“It’s the difference of a 2 hrs. 30 min Frontier flight… Compared to 2 nights of hotel on the road to and from Little Rock…Expressway Airport Parking provides Covered and Uncovered parking SAVE $2 per day over  Municipal parking lot with immediate pickup from your car to the airport front door in less than 5 minutes!”


Frontier is also offering discount travel options not offered on third party Online Travel Services like Expedia, Trivago or others, by bundling rewards called “The Discount Den”. The Discount Den for family travel offers the lowest available price and exclusive promotions!

Book Discount Den fares for up to 6 people on your booking. Enjoy unlimited savings all year

Join for only $49.99/year and have access to Discount Den fares for the entire year!

The Works is offered only on the Frontier website after a flight has been booked, at the point of sale you can The Works will be offered as you check out, price is based on the route starting at $59 and you will be offered

  • Your choice of seat
  • 1 free carry on
  • 1 free checked bag
  • Priority boarding
  • The ability to change flights
  • Full Refundability

You can only get the WORKS when you purchase a flight on flyfrontier.com (Note: the WORKS is not offered on third party websites or after initial booking). When prompted by the WORKS pop-up click “Save Now” to add the bundle to your purchase. With the WORKS you will be able to select your seat and add a checked and carry-on bag free of additional charge.

The Perks can be added after you purchase a ticket either on Frontier or other third party Online Travel services, which could be a value if you have rewards to use from other Online Travel sites like Expedia, who offer rewards. The only thing you don’t get with “The Perks” is the ability to change flights or refundability, which could be covered with travel insurance that could be provided by some Online Travel sites.


Did you miss buying the WORKS at initial booking? Luckily you can still save on the extras with the purchase of the PERKS bundle. The PERKS is available after initial booking and if you purchased your Frontier Ticket from a third party.

  1. Select a seat,
  2. one carry-on,
  3. one checked bag,
  4. Priority boarding!
Available after booking in “Manage My Booking” or when checking into your flight



  1. Select a seat
  2. One carry – on
  3. One checked bag
  4. Priority Boarding
  5. Refundability
  6. Change flights

Available at initial booking on flyfrontier.com

Flights departing and arriving on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Expressway Airport Parking provides Covered and Uncovered parking for $2 less per day than the Municipal parking lot with immediate pickup from your car to the airport front door in less than 5 minutes. 24-hour service with emergency car care.

The average gas burner car battery has a 3-year life, we often forget about it and assume it will start our car every time, but if you’re at the end of your battery’s life and you leave your car idle for a week or more it could be just enough to drain below the necessary 24 volts to turn your car over. All of our buses are equipped with 20 feet of jumper cables capable of always reaching your car battery and our driver only needs to connect the cable to a quick connect on the front of all of our buses so it only takes a few moments to connect to your battery and start you up.

Municipal airport parking doesn’t offer such ON DEMAND assistance as you can get at Expressway Airport Parking. Conventional gas burners aren’t the only thing we can take care of.


Conveniences like wash and details, oil changes and windshield chip repair and replacement are available but the greatest convenience is the On-Demand shuttle that picks you up at your car immediately upon entering the facility and parking. 24 camera tracking of the lot and the deck dispatches a bus to where ever you choose to park and takes you straight to the airport front curb in 5 minutes or less. You can’t park that fast and walk at the Municipal lot.

 CapitolGlass.jpg        Car-Wash-Service=-Little-Rock.jpg        AutoServicesTeam.jpg


On top of rates that are already cheaper than the airport by $2 per day, you can make a reservation at www.expresswayparking.com and automatically lock in the 5th day free for the first 15 days or you can get a rate of $4.95 per day if you are parking for 16 days or more!



Figure 1 Select your parking, date and times. Click on the image to get a quote now!


The Little Rock municipal airport parking is bound by the 300-foot rule set by TSA since 911, no overnight parking allowed within 300 feet of the terminal building, that’s roughly 100 steps at the closest spot and could be as for as 900 steps from the top of the municipal airport parking deck or the farthest spot on the uncovered lots, rain, sleet, heat or snow.

As for convenience, you can choose either covered or uncovered parking and in the time, it takes you to enter either covered or uncovered parking, Expressway Parking time studies show that you are parked and exiting the lot on the On-Demand Shuttle to the airport front door in 5 minutes or less. On top of that fast response time you won’t have walked more than about 10 steps from your car to the shuttle and 30 steps from the shuttle to the ticket counter, and if this is vacation travel your bound to have check in luggage, and skycaps will pick up your luggage at our shuttle drop off!


Electric Car Charging Station Little Rock AR

If you have a Hybrid/Electric vehicle, Expressway Airport Parking now has Free Level 1 charging. Designated reserved Level 1 charging parking for Hybrid/Electric cars in our parking deck located on the 1st floor east side. Currently Tesla reports that it’s owners can use Level 1 charging and expect a full charge in 4 days, Level 1 charging is perfect for airport parking.

Even a one day trip can assure you that you will have a minimum of a whole days travel available to you on return. Before now Hybrid/Electric car owners couldn’t be certain they could take a long trip out of town and leave their car in airport parking and have confidence that when they return the battery would have enough charge to start.

Now the worry is gone, Hybrid/Electric car owners can use the reserved Level 1 charging parking spaces and keep a steady charge on your car while you travel for any period of time for Free, no extra charge.

Once again municipal airport parking doesn’t offer any options for the Hybrid/Electric car owner. Expressway Airport Parking to date has had to put a charge on 21 hybrid cars upon the return of their owners. How do we know 21 cars to date? We keep a log on every battery assist that we have whether it’s a conventional gas burner of Hybrid/Electric car. If you were parked in the municipal parking lot you would have had to call AAA or the dealer to assist. So, don’t become a statistic, take advantage of the Free Level 1 charging in the reserved spaces in Expressway Airport Parking’s Covered parking deck, and eliminate one more unforeseen worry to wear you down on your travel plans.

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