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Spring Break 2018, Frontier Airlines nonstop flight to the Rockies, 3 days of snow skiing and only 2 days of travel!

Posted by Drew Baker

Feb 27, 2018 3:14:57 PM

Spring Break 2018 is only 3 weeks away starting the weekend of March 17th, is anyone thinking of skiing Colorado? Great news we now have nonstop service from Little Rock National Airport (LIT) and Denver Stapleton airport (DEN) on Frontier Airlines (www.flyfrontier.com)  

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Hey, Your Car Needs a Wash!

Posted by Drew Baker

Sep 5, 2016 10:00:00 AM

When was the last time you washed your car? For that matter how many times a year do you wash your car? And if you have owned your car for more than a year, have you waxed and polished it at least once?

Edmunds.com, Popular Mechanics, AutoGeek.net and many other car care professionals all recommend that your car should be washed 1 to 4 times a month and a full wax and polish at least once a year.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts we believe in when it comes to routine car wash maintenance of your paint;

Don't... wait for a layer of crud to accumulate before washing. Dead bugs, bird droppings, and chemicals from the atmosphere all leach acids that can strip away wax and eventually eat into your car's paint. If left too long, they can cause damage that requires sanding and repainting the area to correct.

Do... wash off dead bugs, bird droppings, and tree-sap mist as soon as possible. Other than this, a weekly car wash will keep the finish in its best shape. In addition, if you live in an area that suffers from acid rain, rinse your vehicle off after a period of rainy weather. Otherwise, acidic chemicals in the rainwater will be left on the surface after the droplets have evaporated, leaving a mark that can permanently mar the paint.

Don't... wash your car when the body is hot, such as immediately after driving it or after it has been parked in direct sunlight for awhile. Heat speeds the drying of soap and water, making washing more difficult and increasing the chances that spots or deposits will form.

Don't... move the sponge in circles. This can create light, but noticeable scratches called swirl marks. Instead, move the sponge lengthwise across the hood and other body panels. And don't continue using a sponge that's dropped on the ground without thoroughly rinsing it out. The sponge can pick up dirt particles that can scratch the paint.

Do... rinse all surfaces thoroughly with water before you begin washing to remove loose dirt and debris that could cause scratching. Once you begin, concentrate on one section at a time, washing and rinsing each area completely before moving on to the next one. This ensures that you have plenty of time to rinse before the soap dries. Start at the top, and then work your way around the car. Use a hose without a nozzle and let the water flow over the car from top to bottom. This creates a sheeting action that helps minimize pooling of water.

Do... work the car-wash solution into a lather with plenty of suds that provide lots of lubrication on the paint surface. And rinse the sponge often. Using a separate bucket to rinse the sponge keeps dirt from getting mixed into the sudsy wash water.

Don't... let the car air dry, and don't expect a drive around the block to do an effective job. Either will leave watermarks caused by minerals in hard water. In addition, don't use an abrasive towel or other material that can leave hairline scratches in the paint.

Do... use a chamois (natural or synthetic) or soft terry towels. If you choose towels, you may need several. It's best to blot the water up instead of dragging the towel or chamois over the paint. The drying process can be speeded up by using a soft squeegee to remove most of the water on the body, but be sure the rubber is pliable and that it doesn't pick up bits of dirt that can cause scratches.

If your traveling out of Little Rock Clinton National Airport take advantage of having professional routine car maintenance done while you travel at Expressway Airport Parking. We are a complete car care destination providing required vehicle maintenance while you travel so you don’t waste your free time doing it.

Go to www.expresswayparking.com to see details on vehicle services while you travel.
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Enter to Win a Free Auto Detail at Expressway Airport Parking

Posted by Drew Baker

Sep 1, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Expressway Airport Parking is serious about auto wash and details; we think we have the best detail operation in Central Arkansas.
What could be more satisfying than to return home from your next trip to a car that has had a wash wax and polish, a deep carpet steam cleaning and every nook and cranny of your interior cleaned and rejuvenated with essential cleaning oils that protect the plastics in your dash and the leather in your seats. Instead of trying to schedule that done during a busy workweek or least of all using your free personal time waiting in a lobby for it to be done. More than likely you end up putting it off for a couple of years and by then the sun and the environmental contaminants have taken 5 years of life off of your paint and clear coat. 
Edmunds.com, Popular Mechanics, AutoGeek.net and many others all recommend that your car should be washed 1 to 4 times a month and a full wax and polish at least once a year. A basic wash with a proper auto shampoo (one pH balanced correctly not to strip your stage 2 paint better known as clear coat) done at least monthly will remove contaminants that can erode your clear coat. Rainfall can leave mineral deposits on your paint, which is why it’s so important to dry your car after a wash, a critical step every time your car is washed. Acidic contaminants like bird droppings, pollutants from the air that can layer up and burn your clear coat not to mention the contaminants that road spray kicks up, on an investment as expensive as your car? OUCH! Just maintaining your paint can add years to the look of your car, very important when its time to trade or sell that car.
At Expressway Airport Parking we are more than just Fast and Secure airport parking for less, we are a complete car care destination providing required vehicle maintenance while you travel so you don’t waste your free time doing it. When On the Spot Detail cleans your car 2 things are guaranteed every time, only the best auto shampoo will be used to ensure the paint is properly lubricated before a microfiber mittis used and it will be hand dried to prevent residual minerals from drying and depositing into your paint system. Then if a full detail is done, Glen Cornner, (proprietor) will employ the use of Detailers Clay, hand polishing and Orbital buffer to bring out the shine your looking for.
Expressway Airport Parking is having a drawing for a free Full Auto Detail for the next time you are traveling out of Little Rock Clinton National Airport. Now the only thing more satisfying than to return home from your next trip to a fully detailed car is for it to be Free!
Go to www.expresswayparking.com, on the homepage you will see the entry form just enter and we will draw for the free Detail on September 30th.
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