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Little Rock Air Port & Airport in Little Rock Expressway Parking Blog

Covered Peanut Parking at Expressway Parking

Posted by Drew Baker

Oct 12, 2017 7:05:00 PM

With all the extra airline fees these days, the last thing you want is sticker shock at the airport parking lot. But that might be hard to avoid at London Heathrow’s Terminal 4, where prime-time parking prices top $20 an hour—the most expensive airport parking in the world.

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Little Rock Air Port Spring Break 2014; Here’s a Great Tip!

Posted by Drew Baker

Mar 19, 2015 3:46:00 PM

Its spring break at the Little Rock air port, your loading your wife and kids up for a ski trip to the Rockies, or your headed to south Florida for Disney Land or the beach, or maybe just to see some family in another area of the country! In any of these scenarios airports during spring break means its a peak travel time for alot of people with alot of luggage. Here is a great tip for minimizing the stress of navigating airport terminal process.

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Best Airport Parking at the Little Rock Airport?

Posted by Drew Baker

Mar 19, 2015 3:34:00 PM

best-airport-parking-little-rock-1Where is the best airport parking space at Little Rock airport? Its in the convenience of after circling the lot for about 3 to 5 minutes you find the one that you deem will be the shortest walk between your car and the airline ticket counter. If your a regular traveler this crapshoot promises to make your average time from entering the lot to the ticket counter at 14 minutes.

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1 Possible Option for Bypassing Security Lines at Clinton Little Rock National Airport and over 40 other U.S. Airports

Posted by Drew Baker

Mar 19, 2015 3:32:00 PM

After you have chosen Expressway Airport Parking for the most secure option for Airport Parking at Clinton Little Rock National i.e. controlled access, 24 hr. video surveillance, and personally picked up and accompanied to your car, then consider TSA Pre✓™ and other Risk Based Expedited Screening: TSA has implemented TSAPre✓™, an expedited prescreening initiative for known travelers, active duty service members and airline crewmembers at select airports, and modified procedures for screening passengers 12 and under and 75 and older to reduce, although not eliminate, the need for a pat-down. TSA Pre✓™ is currently available in 40 airports. As of today, 10,000,000 passengers have been screened through TSA Pre✓™ lanes!

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