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From: Sallye waddell
Subject: S

I was especially pleased with the services of Expressway. 

           -August 2016


From: Ed Harris 
Subject: Great job!

Message Body:
I've been a customer of Expressway from its beginning and before that. Expressway has always been there to make my airline travel so much easier. Knowing that it starts and ends with friendly drivers and staff that say welcome back and welcome home is great. The green van is always there for a no hassle ride to and from my car. I use covered parking or the "deck".I know that my car is safe and well protected from our Arkansas weather. The Rewards program is great too. Its always fun to redeem points for free days. I use mine for our vacation trips. So; Expressway has a very loyal and happy customer. l always tell others to park with Expressway. Keep up your great work and thank you!

                -June 2016 


From: Tommy Saugey
Great Service!

I've been parking at Expressway for 5 years now. I want to thank you for the excellent service you've provided over the years. You take some of the stress out of my extensive travels. In all the years I've parked there I've never had damage to my car or a break-in. I appreciate that you watch over my car and are there to pick me up promptly after a long trip. Your drivers are always courteous and friendly. Keep up the good work!

Tommy Saugey

  - March 2016



"Just wanted to thank Derrick, who came to the airport and picked me up in the early morning hours in the rain on 17 May. I'd had to rent a car from Kansas to get to Arkansas and the last flight had long come in when I returned the rental and had to get my car in the lot. He made a special trip that was much appreciated."

- 2015

“Thank you so much for the great customer service and helpful staff.  We parked quickly and easily.  Jumped right on the shuttle and at the airport in minutes.  It was about 100 degrees outside so it was awesome not to be in a remote lot and wonder through the cars and lanes to reach the terminal lugging the bags in tow.  The return process was quick and the vans was easy to identify.  Our driver was friendly and provided good communication to locate car and ease of baggage retrieval.  Will us you again.”


“I have been a customer with Security Airport Parking (now Expressway Airport Parking) since 2004. I travel weekly for my work and I appreciate the shuttle bus drivers and all that they do to make my parking experience as easy and quickly as possible. Most of the drivers quickly realized that I was a frequent/regular customer and they have gone above and beyond to make sure that they pick me up and drop me off as quickly as possible.I have become acquainted with several of the drivers – Richard, Alvin, Jack, and Maurice because I have been a customer for so long. I am especially grateful to them for watching my car and making sure that I am in my car safe and ready to go before they drive away. Also I must commend the night Cashier, Tom,on his great customer service. His schedule as Cashier is usually the same as my travel schedule. He has told me that he notices when my travel schedule changes from the ‘normal’ day and/or time. That makes me feel very good to know that he cares enough to notice. All of these gentlemen should be commended for doing a wonderful job!”

- Jacqueline Willoughby, June 2011

“You have a gentleman working the evening shift who goes beyond the normal job duties to help out his customers. My father flies frequently, I pick up his truck at your lot when I am unable to drop him off at the airport. Once, the battery was dead and the cashier had no problems letting us borrow his jumper cables to start the truck. He was very accommodating during our snow fall when I arrived late, and again, very courteous on my last visit. I forget to ask his name, but he was the cashier on the evening of 8/1/10, 9:28 pm. Andrew Teague.”

- Andrew Teague, August 2010

“I want to thank Expressway for excellent customer service from my call to Lilly to the shuttle drivers. I will park with Expressway again because of such friendly service. Thank you”

- Nancy Wharton, January 2010

“During the absolute worst travel day I’ve EVER had, Alvin Worsham was a bright spot in the whole experience. I had been sitting in detoured traffic for 2 hours and had nearly missed my first flight, but within a minute Alvin’s encouraging words, smile, and infectious laugh had me laughing and ready for the next stage of my journey. Upon my return to Little Rock a week later, I was pleased to find him waiting in the shuttle…..just for me, I’m sure! Without any reminder, he drove me directly to my car, once again, cheerful and chatty. Alvin Worsham is the type of employee that will keep customers coming back….I know I will. ”

- Julie Stayner, January 2010

“Excellent service and safe parking facility. Will definitely use your parking facility again in my next travel.”

- Joel Uy, December 2009

“It was a good experience. I would recommend then to anyone using the LR airport.”

- Lorett Estes, July 2009

“This is so convenient, a great service, no worries.”

- Elizabeth Scott, June 2009

“Good location. Courteous service. Overall, a very pleasant experience.”

- Kaye York, April 2009

“I am handicapped and traveling alone. I never had to lift a finger. The shuttle attendants jumped to it with such a pleasant attitude. As did the wheelchair assist personnel at the airport.”

- Diana Gross, November 2008

“Have used your parking facility 3 times this year. Service is prompt and drivers are very courteous. Drivers always offer to help load/unload heavy bags. On one return trip, my battery was dead and the driver kindly jumped it for me. Airport proximity and promptness of shuttle makes your facility a great option.”

- Linda Peeler, July 2008

“I never have to wait more than a few minutes for the shuttle and I enjoy the security of knowing my vehicle is going to be safe while I’m gone.”

- Jim Stiles, February 2008

“We always use this service as it is the fastest, most secure for us.”

- Robert Davis, February 2008

“This service was very good, and the attendant was very courteous and kind as well as helpful in assisting with our luggage. You can be assured that I will use it again should the need arise.”

- Robert Little, December 2007

“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, I went from auto, to shuttle, to airport in safety and security with few waiting minutes and was met with outstanding service at each turn.”

- Joe Henry, December 2007

“Very convenient and prompt service. Covered parking is very important, but the safety and security is top priority.”

- Thomas Powers, August 2007

“There is not much else too say. The entire experience was excellent. We left our car there for 3 weeks.”

- Paul Long, April 2007

“Attendants were excellent, friendly, knowledgeable. Service was great as well. Thank you and I will be a repeat customer.”

- Cindi Sharp, March 2007

“We were pleased to have the shuttle available when we arrived after midnight due to a 3 hour delay due to the winter weather.”

- Karen Morgan, February 2007

“The shuttle driver was right there to pick me up when I parked on the first day, and assisted me with my luggage. When I returned the driver also helped me with my luggage and waited at my vehicle until I was ready to leave. The cashier was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely use your service again. Probably in August.”

- Rhonda Hughes, February 2007

“There’s not a lot to say. Your service and facility were just what I had needed and wanted to leave our vehicle in.”

- Noah Williamson, January 2007